Istruzioni SiculianaEN - Santa Lucia -Case Vacanze e Bed & Breakfast

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Instructions for accessing the apartment in Via Fontanelle 2 - Siculiana
To park, you must set the navigator in Via Canale 1, right next to a tobacco shop.
(see photo, parking and building where the apartment is located).
The apartment is in via Fontanelle 2, to get to the front door you have to go up the stairs.
At the top of the ladder is a keyboard. I will give you the code to type with a separate message.
As soon as the door opens there is another ramp on the left, once you go up the stairs you will find a small corridor and after the boat ... the white door is the access to the apartment.
In front of the external entrance staircase there is also the possibility of parking, in front of a small food shop called La Bottega delle
Rose which you will find closed at 6pm but opens at 5am so if you find cars in front of the business as in the photo, you will come and knock ... so better park where I indicated.
Please send me photos of your identity documents.
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