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Instructions for arrival at the Santa Lucia B&B in Caltanissetta - Via Magenta.
First of all, do NOT set your navigator to Magenta Street.
Unfortunately, any navigator, will try to take you to Magenta Street through a route made up of small traverses some actually consisting of stairs that can only be walked.
That is why you will have to set your navigator to Corso Umberto n. 60, and from that number onwards look for parking on the right at the blue lines (0.70 cents/hour - ticket machines present).
In case of difficulty you can always ask for the Church of Santa Lucia on Corso Umberto or call us and we will guide you by voice.
In front of the Church is a side street (General Arimondi Street) the first side street to the right of Arimondi Street is theVia Magenta which is this:
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